Born in the Eighties is not only a place, but a state of mind.  A state of mind where there is a drunken platypus in the abandoned desert of your mind.  He is offering you a drink, but you think it is poisoned.  When you look into his eyes you realize that he is, indeed lacking his normal medication.  You remember reading somewhere that the platypus have poisonous barbs on their feet, you must remember this.  He moves before you can even blink, and the world turns upside down as you begin to fall.  You remember that first time out in the woods when you were just 10… Your father was clearing the woods behind your house.  There was this giant oak that you had once attempted to build a tree-house in.  It was too tall for your ambitions.  The buzzing of the chainsaw rang through the soft undergrowth.  The wood flew from the saw like a shower of snow, and the tree began to shift.  It fell so gracefully.  This must be what the tree felt like.  You don’t even care when you hit the ground with a soft thud.. the poison has already taken effect.  As you close your eyes for the last time…. you don’t regret a thing.

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