Born in the Eighties 160: Miner Caroliner

Jon and Adam are bursting at the seams with things to chat about. A Wheel of Time pilot was unceremoniously excreted onto FXX’s airwaves in the wee morning hours. Jon is a-ok with the robo-revolution in the upcoming “CHAPPiE”. Adam revisits some Robin William’s “classics” and Jon talks about “Bruno”. The guys also remark on Peter Molyneux’s bad week in the press, and Jon still hates Kickstarter. All that and reactions from NXT Takeover: Rival on this week’s edition of the Eighties cast.

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Wheel of Time Pilot in Stealth Mode
Godus is in some trouble
Peter Molyneux’s Waterloo

Tae Kwon Do Ain’t Nothin’ to Fuck With!

This Lady Could Kick My Ass

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