1. Hey again guys. I loved the part about the fucking weird ass dragons and it reminded me of one of the funniest encounters my friends had during a game of D&D. My best friend was usually the DM and he designed a questline for us as we were starting to play a new game. It was a long one that would finally end with a fight with a dragon. The long questline would ensure that we would be leveled and geared enough to make the end a fair fight. The quest starts in a random village with some elderly lady.

    Elderly Village Lady: Our village has been harassed by this terrible dragon recently. Would you brave adventurers go forth to slay this evil beast for us?

    Us: I dunno. That sound like a lotta work.

    EVL: But…but our poor village needs help. Couldn’t you all do it? A group of young, fortune-seeking soldiers?

    Us: It does sound like more trouble than it’s worth. We’re not gonna help you. In fact we’re gonna tell the whole village that you’re actually crazy and that their is no dragon!

    EVL: What?

    The party goes off and with some damn lucky rolls not only do we convince the town that the old lady was cuckoo for Coco Puffs but we got them to lock her up in a holding cell for crazy people. So my friends long arduous work designing this quest goes unplayed.

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