Born in the Eighties 25: The Fall of Video Games 2011

Jon and Adam talk video games for the holiday season of 2011.  Casey Kasem’s spirit inhabits Jon, and the hot new band “Roll Control” sings the hits. Adam ponders how pee filled water balloons are filled, and everyone talks a lot about video games.  At some point Jon robots out, and Adam confesses his bi-halo-curiousity.  And a warning, the dragon will fall on you!  Stay tuned after the ending music for the shortest full podcast ever.


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Hired hit man fell in love with his victim… then faked her death with tomato ketchup

 PETA doesn’t give a shit about humans


Passenger Airplane goes belly up due to poor “Roll Control” placement 


The door lock is the small knob on the right, the “Roll Control” is the big knob on the left.


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