Born in the Eighties 35: Mandar the Elf-Man

Jon, Adam and Lance talk X-men, and how zany that cartoon was. We watched it before podcasting, and jesus h christ that show moves at a mile a minute. Lance and Jon mention football and completely silence Adam hamm. Jon makes the most ridiculous references ever, admits his love of blonde haired douche bags, and tries to figure out what sexy lady superhero he would be.

Mandar sez – Download the Episode Here!

Alternate Titles:
Say goodbye to those walking sticks.
The All Knowing Rat Man
Wolverine likes a toothy blowjob

And now, as a treat, bad x-men cosplay!

Tip, if you don’t have muscles, use sculpted plastic

Words cannot properly express my reaction to this photo.

“I’m a huge dick!”


Thanks for the vamp music Matt!

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