Born in the Eighties 7: Drunk Girls are the Weaklings of the Zebra Pack

Adam and Jon are again joined by their guest Lance to talk about everything from the Bat Cave’s secret playboy grotto to the ability for drunken girls to take the fall at a party busted by the cops.  Lance outruns the local police, and whips a “shitty” in his dodge neon.  Meanwhile, Jon contemplates whether or not someone died in his car before he bought it.  All of the while Adam tries to decide whether the BK kids club or the extreme ghostbusters is more diverse.   All this and more in the 7th episode.  If you listened to these once a day, that would be a full week, and you would be a weird person for doing so.  Episode Links, downloads and web player after the break.

Direct Download

Little Miss Bellydance my way out of disability checks

Adam as Luke Cage

Aztec Ball Game

BK Kids club

Extreme Ghostbusters

While finding images for the site, I also found an Extreme Ghostbusters fan site for the relationship between two of the characters in the series “Kylie and Eduardo”. Oh internet, you always have something for me to laugh at.

Anti – Porn Legislator in Indonesia caught watching porn. Uses the “I just clicked a link, and it came up!” Defense.

Note: The Music Man is played by Robert Preston, not Meredith Wilson, who wrote the musical.

You too can Program Darpa sub-hunting bots for profit and lols

World series of poker raptor glasses guy

Lance has terrible opinions and doesn’t like Scott Pilgrim

German Politician caught red handed… stealing toilet paper

Wife stripped of Settlement Money when she is caught bellydancing on her blog

Lady not only can’t drive 35, she also can’t smoke and ride

Matt Haag, Musical Master

Jon Rowe Twitter

Adam Hamm Twitter


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