Super Street Fighter 4 has been announced, and many new characters have been teased.  From the Native-American stereotype Thunder Hawk to the token South Korean fighter Juri.  The full list of fighters is not yet announced, but here at Party Platypus we were able to obtain a list of fighters that didn’t make the cut in the first game.  Included are concept sketches and move lists for the proposed new characters.  We can only hope that these world heroes make it into the sequel.

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Cobra wants you

North Pole; Cobra Command- Americans have recently taken to the airwaves, yearning for more health care benefits, less crippling hospital bills and medical costs, etc. But what you are about to read may change your outlook, and you just may be grateful for it. We secretly met with a few soldiers that were employed by the Cobra Command in the North Pole to hear what they thought about it. One younger soldier, and an older one who went by the moniker “Venom.” Continue reading

YCMTHello, my name is Gerard Pilkington, and I would like to welcome you to my wonderful program.  Each week, we will be delving into the darkest bits of the internet to create our weekly episodes.  From youtube comments, forum posts and craigslists ads, I can assure you that all of your aural taste buds will be sated.  Employing the finest actors of voice available we will bring dramatic life to the hustle and bustle of  information superhighway.

I am excited… are you? Edition 1 after the jump.

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