Party Platypus Top Ten Comics of 2013

1 – Batman


Batman (By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo)
What can I say that I didn’t already about this series last year when it topped our list? I could mention “Death of the Family”, a story arc starring everyone’s favorite villain the Joker. It’s haunting imagery and twisted plot making it an instant classic.
Or how about “Zero Year?” The gigantic, sprawling origin story that is still underway. The thing I love about “Zero Year” is how colorful and vibrant the first act was. Greg Capullo never fails to impress, but in this story he did it in a manner I hadn’t seen from him previously. As we see Bruce Wayne become Batman I can’t help but think this duo is reinventing the caped crusader for a new generation in just the same fashion Neal Adams and Frank Miller had before them.

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