Here is the summer movie game. The boys guessed how this summer’s crop of blockbusters would fare in terms of rotten tomatoes scores! Each person guessed the score of the movie, and received 1 point for being correct on whether a movie is fresh/rotten (above/below 60%), and another point for being the closest in terms of actual score. See the breakdown after the break.


Current Total Score (Updated 8-15-2013)

Jon – 19 Points

Tyler – 14 Points

Lance – 11 Points
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Lance is the Latka of the podcast.  The 3 nerds discuss where on a spaceship they would like to be positioned, run ins with chatty convenience store clerks.  Lance brings up comics, and the terrible death of superman saga of the nineties.  More comics.  Lots of comics.  Also, people need to get Mr. Dan Conner, John Goodman, more work in Hollywood.  Lance approves of the new Van Halen album.  And the gang previews the movies of the spring and summer of 2012.


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Pigs become CEOs, and Tag Team sings about them. Yes, Isreal and Palestine are not friends. Lance and Adam argue about pointless things. Godzilla smuggles drugs into Turkey. The Kessler’s diamond guy is a huge douchebag.  Kessler’s may or may not have the bloodiest of diamonds.  Rubber is apparently the best movie ever made, and Jon can barely wrap his mind around the subject.  Lance brings news from Canada, and the crew talks about their desert island shows. Lance and Adam talk way too much about Star Trek minuatae, and Jon about whips a shitty on the podcast. Lance uncovers who really caused the challenger disaster.

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