The Party Platypus 1st Annual Top Ten Comics of the Year Awards

 1 – Batman  (By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo)


2012 was a good year to be the goddamn Batman.  He had a movie gross over a billion dollars (again!), many were still working their way through Arkham City’s excessive Riddler maps, and this comic existed.  Every month has delivered.  It’s been creepy, fun, full of high-octane action, and suspenseful.  Look no further than issue 5, which is not only the greatest comic of the year, but one of the best Batman issues ever.

Whoa, you feel that positive energy around here after reading this article?  That’s actually not good.  Quick, we must restore balance to the internet!

Coming Soon:  The Party Platypus Worst Comics of 2012 Awards

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