Born in the Eighties 159: Should have listened to Mandar

Jon rolls in with a Computergate 2015 update, Adam chats about his new favorite show “Empire”. Jon delivers a hot promo on the USPS and Amazon’s prime pantry. The guys discuss the new Persona 5 trailer and ponder a high school life that coulda been. Adam attempts to escape from a burning high rise, and the guys talk about wrasslin’ and the upcoming NXT Takeover: Rival.

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  1. Hey there fun podcast as usual. Just wanted to say though that half of the martial arts talk was fun and the other half was a little cringe-y. As a black belt in taekwondo I was a little offended when you guys called taekwondo and karate the same thing.

    First I would like to say that most martial art styles are more of a over arching term that encompasses multiple styles. Much like how kung fu is used to describe Chinese martial arts but their are like hundreds or thousands of styles. Their are several kinds of karate such as kempo, shotokan, and okinawan. Jon might like okinawan karate as it is a nice blend of both Japanese and Chinese martial arts so it has the Japanese straight forward moves as well as the circular patterns in most Chinese martial arts.

    What separates taekwondo from other styles is that taekwondo is a kick heavy style.

    Taekwondo has a sports oriented side and the youtube link I posted is the sports sparring portion. Their is also a sports forms portion:

    Similar to how the Israeli forces use krav maga the Korean military uses taekwondo. One of my Masters was a Lieutenant and was a member of the Korean special forces.

    I can talk about taekwondo and martial arts in general for hours but this is too long already. Just wanted to give my two cents.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! We always appreciate it. Obviously, neither Jon nor I are experts in martial arts (or really anything) so we were bound to end to end up talking out our asses. Sorry for not giving Taekwondo its due. We’ll discuss your comment in the next episode and I’ll try to clear its good name. Be sure to keep letting us when when we fuck up things important to you!

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