Born in the Eighties 8: Let me Sexplain that to you

A teacher dresses up as Mark Twain but forgets to wear the pants, Jon’s 5th grade music class induces a Vietnam flashback. Ninjas break into cars, and get chased away by guidos weilding guns.  A modern re-telling of “Top Gun” would be flawed fundamentally, though U.S. Military planes have kick ass names. In Rural America, everyone drinks and drives, while attempting to elude the cops.  We discuss the Mechanics of getting a blowjob whilst walking, and how  awesome sticking your torso out of a sunroof is. Ghost ride an ATV dirty, and become a living god, meet Jack Hardcase, NBC CEO and remember, Patricia is the worst female name.   Links and more after the break.

Direct Download

Ghost Riding the Whip

Stories Covered

Vegan teacher eats Taco Bell, which makes him go insane.

Ninjas! 1 Ninjas! 2

Alternate Titles

If there’s no touching, there’s no molesting.
Whenever I eat taco bell, clothes come off.
Mark Twain is not wearing pants.
Save the Taco Bell Princess from Lord Zod
Harland, Get it Together!
Ok, can we play our recorders now?
He jumped off a cliff, what of it?
I work with a guy that studied Ninjitsu
Call Santino, He’ll get on it
The Recession has been tough on Ninjas Too.
Lost my volleyball abs
You don’t want to be Colonel America
Ghost Riding the Whip Dirty
Ghost Riding Dirty
I you wanna get a blowjob while walking, it’s not gonna be perfect.
Riding Han Solo
My Great Grandfather owned slaves
Ship them off to the glue factory
What’s more extreme than Sextreme?
“That’s what I call Mentertainment”
Music from “Sleeping in the Aviary” (Awesome band)


  1. Hey guys, thanks for the podcast. I’ve listened to all the episodes so far. When you guys were talking about teacher movies The Ron Clark Story came to mind. It’s a made for tv movie bigots actually pretty good. Check it out if you get a chance

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